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Forehand EXTENSION for more Power - Tennis Lesson - YouTube

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Tennis Forehand Straight Arm | Big Arc, Big Speed

In this video, I’ll go over how you can use the extension of your arm to create a large arc. With your arm now swinging on a larger arc, you’ll create easy speed and easy power …just like Roger Federer. What's Covered: How to extend your arm in the forehand to create a 4 ft. arc and massive speed. Tennis Pros Featured:

TennisSpeed Research: A Roadmap to a Hall-of-Fame Forehand ...

On a “bottom line” basis, we can say right now that the main performance benefits of the Extension Forehand over the Flexion Forehand are fundamentally two-fold, 1) the increased ability to generate high racquet speeds in a efficient manner, and 2) increased topspin generation to increase shot control achieved by maximizing speed and control of racquet motion in the Impact Zone.

Tennis Forehand - Full Extension - YouTube

KB goes over how to hit the Forehand with a full extensionMore tennis tips - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftxe8jInww0&index=5&list=PL6690044741C504EF


dominant arm and the main responsible rotationof the upper limb to the racket head velocityin an attack tennis forehand drive. Threeelite tennis players and threehigh-performance tennis players wererecorded with inertial measurement units (IMUs)with a frequency of 120 Hz during a cross-court (CC) and an inside-out (IO) forehand drive. The

Biomechanics of the Tennis Groundstrokes: Implications for ...

Several reviews of the biomechanics of tennis are available for interested readers . FOREHAND. Vigorous extension of the lower extremity in classic closed stance forehands creates greater axial torques to rotate the pelvis and hips than not using the legs . While this transfer of energy has not been tested in open stance forehands, it is logical that vigorous leg drive also transfers energy to trunk rotation.

In tennis is a straight-arm forehand or a bent-arm forehand ...

If you have the time and are in position, you forehand will start out with your arm bent at about 90-degrees at the start of the backswing, and that angle will decrease until it hits a minimum at impact, and then increase toward 90-degrees at the end of the follow-through.

Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For Hitting The Ball More Cleanly

In order to impart topspin for a tennis forehand, the racquet must move upwards. But since we hold the racquet in the dominant arm, we tend to use only the arm – meaning the shoulder joint. (It’s also the strongest, and we like to use it for more power.) The beginning of the upward racquet head movement needs to start with the legs.

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