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Basketball Elbow Injury - Brandon P. Donnelly, MD

Symptoms of a basketball elbow injury Bruising Swelling in your elbow Pain, especially when you move your elbow Difficulty picking up objects Limited range of motion

Basketball and Elbow Pain | SportsRec

Basketball and Elbow Pain Causes. According to the National Institutes of Healh, a common cause of elbow pain is overuse or tendinitis of the... Prevention. Cold muscles are more prone to injury, so it’s important to warm up before shooting hoops, according to the... Diagnosis. Your doctor can ...

Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Injuries in Basketball - Michael A ...

Wrist Sprains. Wrist sprains occur when a ligament is stretched or torn, usually when the wrist is bent forcefully. Fractured Fingers/Hands. Hand and/or finger fractures often occur as the result of a finger jam. This can happen if a... Elbow Tendonitis. Elbow tendonitis is an overuse injury that ...

Elbow Injuries in the Throwing Athlete - OrthoInfo - AAOS

Common Throwing Injuries of the Elbow Flexor Tendinitis. Repetitive throwing can irritate and inflame the flexor/pronator tendons where they attach to the... Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury. The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is the most commonly injured ligament in throwers. Valgus Extension ...

Elbow Bursitis - Mayo Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

A common cause of olecranon bursitis is trauma, such as falling on the elbow or hitting the elbow on a hard surface. This can occur during any sporting event when someone has a fall on their elbow and has been described often in football, hockey, basketball, and volleyball players.

5 Professional Athletes Who Recovered from Elbow Injuries ...

In 2001, during the NBA Finals, he played through 11 injuries—including a right knee sprain, a left ankle sprain, a right hip contusion, partial right shoulder dislocation, and a particularly painful case of right elbow bursitis. Rajon Rondo. Back in 2011, one athlete’s elbow injury caught national attention.

NBA Injury Report - Basketball Player Injuries - CBSSports.com

Tue, Oct 12. Not Injury Related. Expected to be out until at least Oct 19. D. Bembry. DeAndre' Bembry. SG. Mon, Oct 11. Mouth. Expected to be out until at least Oct 14.

Acute Elbow Injuries - Fracture, Sprains, Contusions ...

Symptoms include: Pain and tenderness on the inside of the elbow. Bruising and swelling may be present for more severe injuries.